The Overtake Consultancy Services


Increasing profits by integrating sales and marketing

Grow your business with a basic "go to market" strategy for sales and marketing within 48 hours to a comprehensive sales and marketing plan to deliver long term measurable results

Part-time Sales and Marketing advice

To help drive your business forward

Sales and Marketing Director(s) will increase growth but require considerable investment and time to get the right people on board. To help grow your business and assist the recruitment process we can provide an experienced professional from one day per month. We will build your sales and marketing strategy and put in robust processes and procedures in place so the full-time professional can make quick progress to grow your business and maximise its value.

Proposal and bid process optimisation

Increase your quoting win ratio

To show your product or service advantages and benefits that your customer will most value, we optimise your bid process forms, procedures and bid submission documents to highlight your offering, company, service levels and expertise effectively.

Contracts and T&C's advice

Maintain long term contract profits and quote order variations effectively

Profits can be eroded with order variations or long term contracts by not agreeing processes and procedures at the beginning. We can help you negotiate fair terms for both parties to ensure that risk and reward is appropriately assigned to all parties.

CRM implementation and optimisation

Effectively and efficiently promote your company directly to customers, marketing leads and sales prospects.

If you don't regularly communicate to customers or follow up prospects and leads they will soon drift to your competitors. Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) are sophisticated databases essential to managing customers, marketing leads and sales prospects. Generate metrics of your marketing and sales effectiveness, ensure quotes are followed up, automate emails, segment customers etc. etc. Any CRM will outperform an Excel spreadsheet! We help you get the most from your current system or can advise and implement a new CRM.

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